Bonding Ceramic Heraceram Kulzer
Bonding Ceramic Heraceram Kulzer

Bonding Ceramic Heraceram Kulzer

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Heraceram bonding for non-precious ceramic framework.

Heraceram bonding allows non-precious alloy surfaces to be prepared for cosmetic covering.

Its objective is the prevention of excessive uncontrolled oxidation which could affect the bond between the alloy and the ceramic.

  • Control of oxide formation in non-precious metal alloys.
  • The surface of the frame is perfectly covered by the opaque.
  • Composition Glass ceramic, butane-1,2-diol.
  • Practical advice: During firing, water-soluble oxides can form in certain non-precious alloys potentially causing yellowish discolorations of the ceramic.
  • To avoid these discolorations, the non-precious metal frames must be rinsed briefly with water between each cooking step.

When using HeraCeram NP-Primer, specific cooling linked to the expansion of the non-precious metal alloy is no longer necessary.

  • HeraCeram NP-Primer paste is thixotropic.
  • Shake or stir well before use.
  • Viscosity can be readjusted by carefully adding HeraCeram Paste Opaque Liquid (POL).
  • The use of thinner liquids from ceramic ranges manufactured by other competitors is not indicated.

After finishing, the surface of the cosmetic covering of the non-precious metal framework is sandblasted with 110 to 125 µm disposable corundum (Al₂O₃, 3 to 4 bar).

  • Clean carefully afterwards (e.g. using a steam cleaner).
  • Oxidation cooking is not necessary.
  • The ready-to-use HeraCeram NP-Primer paste is applied in a very thin layer.
  • Homogeneous material on the cosmetic covering surface of non-precious metal frames.
  • Use a brush for opaque paste and cook sous vide.
  • After cooking, the coated surface has a silky shine.
  • The surface is thus prepared for the application of ceramic.
  • Carry out the following steps in accordance with the instructions for use of HeraCeram, HeraCeram Saphir or HeraCeramSun respectively

General cooking table:

IMPORTANT NOTE : Cooking temperatures are given as a guide only. Deviations are possible depending on the power and model of the oven, so temperatures may need adjustment.

  • Minute drying: 2 min.
  • Preheating: 1 min
  • Temperature increase: 100°C/min.
  • Final temperature: 950°C.
  • Holding time: 1 minute
  • Start of vacuum: 600°C.
  • End of vacuum: 950°C.
No specific cooling rates required for the HeraCeram NP-Primer.

Delivery: 1 x Heraceram bonding for non-precious 2ml ready to use.

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