Ceramic Initial ZR-FS Frame modify 20 Gr.
Ceramic Initial ZR-FS Frame modify 20 Gr.

Ceramic Initial ZR-FS Frame modify 20 Gr.

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Ceramic Initial Zirconia ZR-FS - Frame modify Pot of 20 gr.

Initial Zr-FS ceramic , improved feldspar cosmetic powder based on zirconium oxide intended for high-strength zirconia frameworks.

  • Unrivaled natural optical effects and increased stability after several firings.
  • Ideal material for complex and delicate creations such as bridges.
  • Zr Light Reflective Liners are ready-to-use liners.
  • They are designed to mask the different colors of the zirconia frameworks.
  • Allows light to pass through to obtain a tooth close to natural.
  • After preparing the framework in this way, standard lamination will give a perfect shade.

Initial Zr-FS ceramic allows you to reliably produce all types of all-ceramic and hybrid restorations with natural shades on zirconium oxide frameworks.

  • High content of specially selected extremely pure feldspar.
  • Superior aesthetics on all types of tensile-resistant zirconia frameworks.
  • 810°C cooking temperature and short cooling time.
  • Very good wettability, high stability and smooth surfaces.
  • Superior natural esthetics on high tensile strength zirconia frameworks.

Delivery: ceramic Initial ZR-FS Frame Modifier Pot of 20 gr - color of your choice.

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