Stainless steel decantation tank 18 L - Mestra
Stainless steel decantation tank 18 L - Mestra

Stainless steel decantation tank 18 L - Mestra

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Stainless steel decantation tank for wastewater - Mestra.

Have you ever been faced with pipes blocked by plaster, mud, filings?

The use of a separator tank is strongly recommended for dental laboratories.

Also usable in modeling or pottery workshops, underwater machining workshops.

  • The operation of the decantation tank is extremely simple.

  • The flow of water loaded with plaster , mud, filings or others is slowed by the passage through the 3 compartments.

  • This action allows matter suspended in the water to settle in each compartment.

  • The water that flows through the pipe will lose these suspended particles .

Why use a decantation tank in your laboratory?

The stainless steel plaster size decanter is a simple and reliable system for filtering water containing plaster, mud, ceramics and filings.

  • When cleaning the plaster bowl or grinding with a plaster trimmer, a lot of plaster is found in the water and will go into the pipes.

  • The plaster particles which make the water white will settle at the bottom of the tank in each compartment.

  • Each time the "dam" passes through the tank, the water is purified more and more to emerge into the pipe with much less load.

  • Not suitable for oil or paint that remains on the surface.

  • Transparent lid to avoid bad odors and monitor the level.

Reduces the risk of blocking wastewater pipes.

  • Made of Stainless Steel, with plastic lid to prevent odors.

  • Very robust construction, quick and simple installation.

  • Easy and quick connection to the waste water evacuation pipe.

  • The Mestra stainless steel decantation tray can be easily fitted under a sink.

Separation tank with 3 compartments for more efficient filtration, cleaning is easy and quick.

  • Unscrew the inlets of the inlet and outlet pipes.

  • Empty and wash the bin.

  • Screw the pipes back on.

  • Your decantation tank has left for a new filtration period.

Bin dimensions:

  • Height: 290mm. Width: 450mm. Depth: 230mm.

  • Weight: 6.5 kg.

  • Capacity: 18 liters.

Connection diameter: 40 mm (Simple PVC connection like a sink).

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