Juvora PEEK Disc 98mm
Juvora PEEK Disc 98mm
Juvora PEEK Disc 98mm
Juvora PEEK Disc 98mm
Juvora PEEK Disc 98mm
Juvora PEEK Disc 98mm

Juvora PEEK Disc 98mm

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Juvora PEEK disc, high performance polymer - 98 mm.

High performance polymer alternative to metal for dental prostheses.

Juvora, PEEK disc suitable for CAD-CAM manufacturing, can be machined wet or dry.

innoBlanc® medical PEEK Juvora discs, homogeneous high mesh industrial milling discs made from biocompatible PEEK Optima® LT1 pure polymer.

  • Production of metal-free removable restorations.
  • Removable constructions on implants.
  • Glued/cemented frameworks.
  • Juvora Polymer PEEK Optima® LT1, used successfully for many years in orthopedics, vascular surgery and anaplasty.
  • Juvora PEEK Medical is configured for permanent stay in the mouth.
  • PEEK Juvora is suitable as a replacement for structures that were until now made either with alloys or with zirconium dioxide.
  • A material that can be combined with itself or with other non-metallic and metallic materials by bonding or plating.
  • High breaking strength and rigidity.

Juvora PEEK Medical, behavior and density similar to that of bone.

  • Classification as body-similar (bionic).
  • Lightweight and pleasant to wear structures.
  • No hot or cold sensations, chemically inert.
  • No electrochemical reciprocal effects with other materials in the mouth.
  • Low coefficient of friction, excellent resistance to abrasion.
  • Cushioning effect and very good resistance to erosion, perfectly indicated for chronic bruxism.

Polyether ether ketone - pure, without additional additives (such as color pigments, zirconium dioxide, nano-glasses or glass fibers).

  • Removable and under certain conditions.
  • Retentive restorations (“model casting”), telescopic structures.
  • Intermediate friction plugs.
  • Thin prosthetic bases (e.g. total prosthesis).
  • Internal one-piece bases on primary parts in zirconium dioxide for restorations of covering prostheses.
  • Fixing structures.
  • Supra-screwed and implant-supported constructions.
  • Fully anatomical chewing zones (ideally suitable for bruxism).

PEEK is a partially crystalline high-performance polymer. This material has very high rigidity with low remaining elasticity.

  • With proper construction, PEEK has high impact resistance.
  • Features must be considered for all constructions.
  • Constructions that are too thin would promote too high residual elasticity with the risk of cracks at the transition between material and the finishing resin.
  • Sharp edges and rough roughing should be avoided.
  • Machinings must have round edges with smooth transitions.

For information, the dimension of a Peek machining must be approximately 20 to 30% greater than that of a metal.

Juvora PEEK Disc - indications.

  • Complete and partial removable dentures.
  • Dental prostheses on implants and implant bars.
  • Anterior and posterior crowns.
  • Posterior bridges 3 units (maximum 1 inter).

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