K5 Plus Kavo Laboratory Micromotor
K5 Plus Kavo Laboratory Micromotor
K5 Plus Kavo Laboratory Micromotor
K5 Plus Kavo Laboratory Micromotor

K5 Plus Kavo Laboratory Micromotor

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Kavo K5plus laboratory micromotor.

With the K5plus dental laboratory handpiece, we offer you an efficient entry-level model for a flexible KaVo laboratory micromotor solution.


K5plus, this micromotor stands out in this area thanks to a power spectrum of 4.5 Ncm and a maximum rotation speed of 35,000 rpm.


  • Thanks to the patented KaVo single-shaft system, K5plus has a long service life.
  • High robustness and very easy service.
  • Its short and compact shape as well as its lightness guarantee fatigue-free work.


Kavo K5plus micromotor - a powerful and handy collaborator in your laboratory.

  • Ball bearing with patented dirt-resistant sealing system for high strength.
  • Quick and easy ball bearing replacement for user-friendly maintenance.
  • Proven quick clamping system for maximum reliability.
  • Patented robust single-shaft system for long life and less vibration.


Technical information about KaVo K5plus.

Rotation speed: direction of rotation to the right 1000 35000 rpm, direction of rotation to the left limited to 5000 rpm..

  • Motor torque: 4.5 Ncm max.
  • Power: 85 Watts.
  • Clamping system: minimum resistance 70 N, replacement of the clamp with tools.
  • Weight: Handpiece 216 g, Cable 103 g.
  • Ergonomics: flexible and lightweight handpiece cable.
  • Weight: handpiece 216 g, cable 103 g.


Delivery: 1 Kavo K5plus micromotor. 


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