Microwave sintering oven - Mestra
Microwave sintering oven - Mestra
Microwave sintering oven - Mestra
Microwave sintering oven - Mestra
Microwave sintering oven - Mestra
Microwave sintering oven - Mestra
Microwave sintering oven - Mestra
Microwave sintering oven - Mestra

Microwave sintering oven - Mestra

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Microwave Sintering Furnace for zirconia!

Sintering oven for zirconia benefiting from the latest microwave sintering technologies, fast, clean and above all very economical sintering.

Sintering oven benefiting from the latest microwave sintering technologies.

Industrial sectors such as aeronautics and automobiles have already switched to microwave heating technology.

  • This technology has major advantages compared to conventional sintering furnaces:

  • The total sintering time is approximately 4 hours (including cooling).

  • Sintering time up to 1550 ºC: 110 min.

  • Significant saving in electricity consumption.

  • Cooling to 300 ºC: 130 min.

  • These values ​​are incomparable with those of conventional ovens.

Microwave sintering technology. Why is she different!

  • In a conventional sintering furnace , heat passes from the outside of the structure to the inside.

  • In the microwave sintering furnace, heat is generated at all points of the structure.

  • The temperature is reached perfectly evenly.

  • The sintered structure is cleaner, more resistant and more precise.

  • There is no shrinkage during sintering heating.

  • No deformation of the bridges.

Zirconia is highly thermal resistant.

What are the differences with a classic sintering furnace?

  • In a traditional oven, heating must take place little by little.

  • Levels must be respected so that the temperature is evenly distributed throughout the prosthesis.

  • Much longer sintering times .

  • Electricity consumption is significant.

  • The cost of after-sales service is much higher.

  • The after-sales service time is also longer.

NEW: Zirconia sintering oven by microwave.

  • Significant maintenance savings due to reduced maintenance , fewer components and smaller size.

  • No fragile and expensive molybdenum silicate heating resistors which can contaminate the zirconia .

  • Very low power consumption: approximately 800/1100 W during practically the entire cycle.

  • Possibility of carrying out several sintering cycles on the same day.

  • Significantly increased production capacity.

  • Possibility of sending a program for only a few urgent items .

  • Extremely easy to use: press one button and you're done.

  • More compact than a conventional sintering oven : it fits anywhere in the dental laboratory .

  • Very minimal heat release, appreciable in closed rooms.

  • Significantly reduced electricity bill .

  • Very easy, fast and above all economical after-sales service.

The oven is supplied with all the necessary accessories for immediate use.



Dimensions: 385 (W) x 440 (D) x 547 (H) mm
Weight: 31 kg
Voltage: AC 230V, 50Hz
Fuse: 15A
Power: 2000W
Maximum temperature: 1550ºC

Usable size of the heating chamber: Depth 8.5 cm x Width 9.5 cm x Height 3.5 cm.

Very quick commissioning - We manage after-sales service.

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