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SEPARATOR Gingifast Zhermack
SEPARATOR Gingifast Zhermack

SEPARATOR Gingifast Zhermack

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Separator Gingifast is a ready -to -use solution that allows isolation between areas of the same nature by avoiding their membership.


Separator finds its application in the realization of gingival reproductions on with gingifast elastic zhermack and/or gingifast rigid zhermack.


Separator Zhermack is more generally in all cases where it is necessary to prevent adhesion between compatible materials.

  • Separator can be applied to silicone by condensation (Zetalabor, titanium) and silicone by addition (Platinum).
  • Separator also reduces the inhibition of retication of a-silicone due in contact with incompatible materials (example materials for polyether-based imprint).
  • We recommend, in order to obtain the best results and only in the case of polyether -based materials, wait at least 5 hours after taking fingerprint before applying.
  • Before applying the separator varnish, polyether imprints must be carefully washed and wiped out by a slight breath of air. 


SEPARATOR Zhermack user manual: 

The product can be applied either directly to the dry imprint (direct technique), or to possible silicone masks (indirect technique).

  • Ensure that the areolated areas are very clean and dry.
  • Extend separate with the small brush, or the accessory to spray in the kit.
  • Wait for the full drying of separator until the area acquires an opaque appearance.
  • Drying can be accelerated by a slight breath of air.


Delivery: SEPARATOR GINGIFAST 2 bottles 10 ml.

With the kind authorization of Zhermack.





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