Silensor SL - Anti-snoring 125 x 125 mm
Silensor SL - Anti-snoring 125 x 125 mm
Silensor SL - Anti-snoring 125 x 125 mm
Silensor SL - Anti-snoring 125 x 125 mm

Silensor SL - Anti-snoring 125 x 125 mm

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Silensor SL kit, anti-snoring splint, Erkodent advanced mandibular orthosis 125 x 125 mm!

The Silensor-SL is composed of a splint for the lower jaw and the upper jaw respectively.

  • The lower jaw is moved into an anterior position by two tie rods connecting the two gutters laterally.
  • Silensor-SL can prevent narrowing of the airways.
  • The speed of the air sucked in reduces and thus the noise-generating vibrations of the flexible parts.

The Silensor-SL Allows relative movements of the jaw, backtracking and lowering of the jaw is not possible.

  • This feature makes the Silensor-SL a comfortable and also effective snoring protection.
  • Clinical studies have shown that moving the lower jaw to an anterior position reduces snoring in more than 80% of patients.
  • The Silensor SL orthosis can lower the apnea index by up to 50%.

Silensor SL, production of thermoformed anti-snoring splint.

  • Snoring occurs in the upper respiratory tract area .
  • It is caused by accelerated airflow through narrow airways (pharynx/throat).
  • The soft part of the fabric begins to vibrate and causes snoring.
  • The Silensor-SL is a mandibular advancement splint (MAO).
  • Allows the lower jaw to move back during sleep.
  • Many studies have proven the effectiveness of anti-snoring orthotics.
  • Natural effectiveness, without pain, without trauma, without surgery.

    Kit composition:
    • Complete Silensor kit for anti-snoring mouth guard with:
    • 1 thermoformable plate 2.0 mm.
    • 1 Erkodur freeze thermoformable plate x 2.0 mm.
    • 2 Erkoloc-pro thermoformable sheets x 3.0 mm.
    • Parts map with fasteners, spacer brackets.
    • Drilling sockets, sl protrusion template, measuring templates, spacers and anchors.
    • 1 protective varnish 10 ml.
    • 1 sample of Erkogum filling material.
    • 1 sample of filler wax, lilac.
    • 2 Erkobox orthodontic boxes.
    • 2 care instructions and 10 patient leaflets.

      Delivery: 1 Box Silensor SL anti-snoring kit - 125 x 125 mm.

      Instructions for use in French.

      Information on the Silensor

      Instructions for use Silensor-SL

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