Iris vacuum mixer - Mestra
Iris vacuum mixer - Mestra
Iris vacuum mixer - Mestra
Iris vacuum mixer - Mestra
Iris vacuum mixer - Mestra
Iris vacuum mixer - Mestra

Iris vacuum mixer - Mestra

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IRIS II vacuum mixer with bowl 500 - Mestra.

  • Simple but complete vacuum mixer for vacuum mixing plaster, silicone or alginate.

Vacuum mixer, economical and practical. Present the bowl, press, it starts.

In a few seconds, the mixture is ready.

  • With 3 different versions available, you can find the model that best suits your needs.

  • Despite some differences, all versions have the same engine-pump-chassis structure.

  • Manufactured with great strength and reliability, the only difference lies in the control system.


The IRIS vacuum mixer family offers 3 models:

  • Iris II, easy to operate.

  • Iris II Evolution, a device with very high performance.

  • Iris II Advanced, an innovative mixer with many programmable functions.

  • All models have an attractive design, they are practical and ergonomic.

The main characteristic of the Iris II mixer is its simplicity.

  • Simply place the bowl and select the mixing time.

  • The machine will run the cycle immediately.

  • The Evolution version is equipped with an electronic control to adjust the operating time and the rotation speed, between 100 and 400 RPM.

In addition to these functions, the Advanced model allows you to program:

  • Empty meadow time.

  • Pre-mixing.

  • The turbo function.

  • The post-vacuum.

  • alarms.

  • reversal of rotation, etc.

With these characteristics, we can adapt the mix to the range of materials present on the market: covering, plaster types II, III, IV, etc.

The electronic control of the Iris Evolution and advanced versions allows you to create the program, store and use programs that can be configured by the user.

To this functionality, we must add the possibility of programming alarms, as well as a large number of functions of the Advanced model.

Ease of use goes hand in hand with benefits.

The 3 models are equipped with the necessary elements for wall mounting.

Iris mixers are supplied as standard with a 550 cc bowl.

A range of bowls is offered by MESTRA. It adapts to all the needs of the laboratory or dental office.

  • Height: 350mm.
  • Width: 155mm.
  • Depth: 205mm.
  • Weight: 4.8 kg.
  • Power supply: 230 V, 50/60 Hz.
  • Power: 100 W.
  • Timer: 0/120″.
  • Speed: 240 RPM.
  • Optional foot.


1 Iris II mixer with 500 cc bowl - Mestra 220 Volts 50/60 Hz.

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