Wirofine - Bego stellite coating
Wirofine - Bego stellite coating

Wirofine - Bego stellite coating

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WiroFine – Universal coating for all applications in metal denture and combined technique.

Wirodouble, suitable for gelatin or silicone duplication.

Wirofine, rapid or classic preheating up to 1050 °C with ideal expansion values ​​provides the much-needed flexibility.

  • Rapid preheating up to 1000°C: Charging temperature = final temperature – saves between 20 and 30% time compared to the coating having to be heated from 600°C.
  • Its excellent flowability makes it particularly easy and safe to handle.
  • The finest areas can be reproduced with accuracy.
  • The precision of the duplicates and the high stability of the edges allow perfect adjustment without wasting time in finishing: ideal for the combined technique.
  • This coating can be used with all cylinder shapes and model geometries.
  • Very good demolding behavior thanks to minimal reaction of the coating with the alloy.
  • Free choice for the duplication method.
  • With gelatin duplication, very good surface finishes are obtained.
  • Silicone duplication provides maximum precision and time savings (unnecessary hardening).
  • The special BegoSol K liquid secures expansion control for excellent adaptation results.

Wirofine technical data:

  • Vicat time: approx. 6 minutes.
  • Compressive strength: 11 MPa.
  • Linear thermal expansion: 0.8%.
  • Handling range approx. 20°C: approx. 3.5 minutes.

Delivery: 1 Wirovest carton 45 sachets x 400 gr.

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