Cercon HT ML Zirconia Disc - 98 x 14 mm.
Cercon HT ML Zirconia Disc - 98 x 14 mm.
Cercon HT ML Zirconia Disc - 98 x 14 mm.
Cercon HT ML Zirconia Disc - 98 x 14 mm.

Cercon HT ML Zirconia Disc - 98 x 14 mm.

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Highly translucent multi-layer Cercon HT ML Zirconia disc 98 x 14 mm.

For inLab MC X5 and most open CAD/CAM systems.

Cercon HT ML Zirconia Disc for machining monolithic restorations of anterior teeth.

  • Natural color gradient with 4 integrated color layers.
  • Class IIa medical device.
  • With plastic adapter ring, blue.

Zirconia Cercon advantages:

  • The natural color gradient matches the aesthetics of a natural tooth, without any veneer or painting;
  • True Color technology for color fidelity in reproducing classic Vita shades;
  • Easy positioning of restorations in the blank;
  • Blank glued into the plastic adapter for secure, tension-free clamping in the CAM machine.

Cercon Zirconia HT ML indications:

  • Anterior and posterior crowns.
  • Anterior and posterior bridges. (2 spaces maximum between the pillars).

Cercon HT ML disc physical data:

  • CDT 10.5 x 10⁻⁶K⁻¹ (25-500°C).
  • Sintering temperature 1500°C.
  • Bending strength (3-point bending test) approx. 1200 MPa in the dentin area approx. 750 MPa in the incisal zone.
  • Modulus of elasticity 210,000 MPa.
  • 100% tetragonal crystal structure.
  • Translucency 41%.

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