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Introduction to zirconia - its essential place in dental prosthesis.

Introduction to zirconia - its essential place in dental prosthesis.


Introduction to zirconia and its essential place in the dental prosthesis.

Zircony, more formally known as Zircony Yttrium-Stabilized, plays a crucial role in the dental field.

This ceramics revolutionized the concept of dental prostheses, establishing a perfect compromise between aesthetics and sustainability.

In this article, we will browse the evolution of zirconia in the dental industry and examine its considerable impact on the dental prosthesis.


The evolution of zirconia in the dental industry.

Although the discovery of zirconies dates from several centuries, its application in the dental field is relatively recent and began to popularize in the 1990s.

Previously, zirconia was mainly used for high resistance applications.

However, its aesthetic advantages have gradually started to be appreciated, opening the way to the generalized use that we observe today.

Currently, zirconia is often used in the manufacture of dental bridges, crowns and inlays.

This versatility made it possible to go beyond the traditional use of zirconia, now offering a wide range of possible dental applications.


The indisputable assets of zirconia for dental prostheses.

The growing adoption of zirconia among dental prosthetists is no coincidence. Zircony is distinguished by offering incredible resistance to rupture and cracking, from afar other materials traditionally used in this area. Its natural appearance, comparable to that of natural teeth, makes zirconia an excellent aesthetic choice for patients.

Another of its considerable assets. It is non -toxic and compatible with the human body, without leading to reactions of incompatibility or rejection. Compared to other dental materials, zirconia has few risk of allergy, thus presenting itself as a safe option for sensitive or allergic patients to other materials.


The revolutionary impact of zirconia on the dental prosthesis.

The emergence of zirconia on the market has caused a series of beneficial changes to patients and for prosthetists. Its higher robustness guarantees more durable prostheses, which means less revisions for patients, and therefore less stress and costs.

For prosthetists, zirconia brings an improvement in manufacturing techniques to produce prostheses in a more efficient and economical way.

Zircony also offers remarkable precision, with computer -assisted design technologies (CAD) and computer -aided manufacturing (CAM), it can be shaped with almost perfect precision. This allows an integral adaptation to the patient, offering a prosthesis with an impeccable adjustment.


Zircony: The reference of the future for dental prostheses?

The course of zirconia in the dental field demonstrates continuous evolution and innovation in dental prostheses.

Its exceptional qualities, whether it is its sustainability, its aesthetics, its biocompatibility and its manufacturing precision, hoisted it at the top of the materials of choice for the prosthetists.

What is the future of zirconia in the field of dental prostheses?

In view of its rapid evolution, its prestigious advantages and its revolutionary impact, it would not be surprising to see the zirconia maintain its leading role and perhaps even strengthen it in the future.

We could even see even more developments in terms of diversity of prostheses made possible thanks to zirconia.

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Be part of this dental revolution and enter the future now.




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