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C.G.V General Conditions of Sale

General sales conditions - Right of withdrawal at 01.10.2024

(French language)

Any order of supplies, devices or goods below "products", whatever the means, form or place, implies, on the part of the buyer, its membership in the general conditions of sale electronic commerce listed below:

1) Application:

  These General Conditions apply to all orders transmitted to Massilia Dental - DL Group, 31 avenue de la Savoie 13180 Gignac La Nusthe. RCS: 908 384 921,00012 through the website called: The validity of these orders is only final after acceptance by Massilia Dental of the order (s) concerned, information transmitted by email.

The "" site is under the total responsibility of:

SAS DL Group - 31 avenue de la Savoie - 13180 GIGNAC LA NERTHE Tel: SIRET 90868492100012 N ° TVA FR46 908684921


2) Object:

  These general conditions apply to sales of equipment ("materials") and consumable products ("products").

Massilia Dental reserves the right to modify its offer of equipment or products at any time and without notice. Massilia Dental cannot be held responsible for any stock breaks. Massilia Dental reserves the right to correct, at any time and without notice, any errors appearing on its commercial documentation or on the website called:, mainly concerning the price or quantities.

The photos of the website are non -contractual but remain as close as possible to the articles indicated, there may be a possible difference in the colors of the products, materials or furniture, only the images corresponding to the articles indicating the specific brand remain contractual of the manufacturer, the name of the item and its reference, if the color is not specified or does not offer a choice to the customer, it remains at the appreciation of the manufacturer and cannot be retained as a refusal of order receipt or cancellation of the order to posteriori.

The images of this site remain informative for an article choice. For a more specific choice, the customer must get closer to the company Massilia Dental, Communication Service at


3) Orders:

Massilia Dental, reserves the right to refuse any order without appeal.

Any modification of order must be subject to a prior written agreement of Massilia Dental and may give rise to a modification of the price and the terms of execution.

In the event of an order cancellation, not justified or after shipping, Massilia Dental may keep, as damages, an amount of 20 % of the sums paid plus the shipping costs if the order has already been shipped.

All orders of internet customers not referenced in our listings will only be executed after immediate payment on the site or after Massilia Dental agreement.

The buyer will be permanently informed of monitoring his order.


Time limit: 

Delivery times are indicated as an indication. The vast majority of them, the deadlines shipping There are 48 to 72 h. Delivery times vary depending on the volume, the carrier and any social conflicts.

In the event of a break in an item, the buyer will have the choice to cancel all his order within 8 working days or cancel the article named or accept partial delivery or wait for his order to be complete to be shipped.

In any case, an agreement by email will take place in each stage of the sales process.

Possible delays cannot give rise to any compensation. In the event of electronic payment when the order is placed by the buyer, depending on the choice defined by the two parties concerning the deadlines or the rupture of one or more items, the sum corresponding to the dispute will be fully donated to the buyer.

In the event of acceptance by the customer of the delay in delivery after information of deadlines by Massilia Dental by email or mail and the maintenance of his order, the order cannot be canceled under penalty of penalties.

The items on sale on the "" site are sent first of all by TNT with follow -up, the delivery times depend on the reactivity of the carrier and cannot be charged to Massilia Dental. 


4) Execution of orders:

During delivery, in the event of defective products, the customer is required to inform Massilia Dental of the faults noted with the naked eye by email: under penalty of losing all complaints against the warranty. 

Transport times are only given, no compensation, cancellation refund cannot be applicable in the event of delay in the delivery of an order.

  The order is considered to be accepted by the buyer after clicking on the button: OK

  The personal data transmitted to the site will be for the exclusive use of Massilia Dental to send the order and will never be kept.

Customer's bank details are never stored in our customer base.

We use fully secure payment systems.

Upon order, the customer created his own account and only has his access contact details.


5) Risk transfer:

Upon receipt of the delivery, the reserves, if problems have occurred during the transport of the order, must be clear and detailed by e-mail and in certain cases confirmed by registered letter within 3 days.

You will be asked to take digital images to insert in the request file - The "subject to unpacking" sentence - which has no legal value - or any imprecise reservation on the condition of the goods does not guarantee a replacement service.

In all cases, the goods will be returned to its packaging payable by the customer, the shipping costs will be reimbursed to the customer after receipt of the defective item and analyzed by Massilia Dental.

If the buyer specifies the words "appropriate packaging, but the damaged equipment" or any comments which would try to exonerate the responsibilities of the carrier, you will be asked to take digital images of the packaging.

If the packaging is absent or is defective, it will not be provided for a replacement service.

Massilia Dental recommends that you refuse any seriously damaged delivery and immediately inform it Massilia Dental:


6) Price:

  The prices are subject to revision, unless otherwise agreed, the materials, the products are billed on the basis of the prices in force on the date of delivery or execution of the order.

The prices indicated on the site at the time of the order are final, expressed in euros (or in books) all taxes included by the French tax system.

Massilia Dental reserves the right to modify its prices at any time without notice. VAT rate of 20%.

  For states outside the European Community, a special application for taxes and shipping costs will be studied according to the countries concerned.


7) Payment:

  Unless otherwise agreed, the prices of materials and products are payable at the end of the order on the site Either by Paypal, check, transfer, Visa or Mastercard by Stripe or by phone at our headquarters: Massilia Dental 31 avenue de la Savoie 13180 Gignac La Nusthe at

All orders made on not paid will not be processed. Payments by check or transfer will shift the processing time according to the time to receive the check or transfer.


In the event of a dispute, only the Commercial Court of Aix en Provence (France) is competent.





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