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Use of polyamide in the manufacture of dental prostheses

Use of polyamide in the manufacture of dental prostheses


The dental prosthesis in polyamide.

The universe of dental prostheses has seen multiple innovations emerged in recent years, one of them being the use of polyamide. A major axis of evolution in the field of dental prostheses, it offers improved ergonomics and undeniable quality.

In this article, explore in detail the fascinating world of dental prostheses in polyamide.


The advantages of polyamide in dental prosthesis: key points to know.

The integration of polyamide into dental prosthesis offers significant advantages for professionals as well as for patients. Let's discover these benefits in more detail.


Understand the superiority of dental polyamide!

Polyamide is more and more privileged in the creation of dental prostheses.

This material gains in popularity thanks to its resistance, flexibility and hypoallergenic character.

Its remarkable resistance makes it durable and less likely to break or crack, which is a major asset in a field where longevity and reliability are essential.

Its flexibility, on the other hand, ensures a comfortable adjustment for the carrier.

Polyamide is hypoallergenic, which means that it is less likely to cause allergic reactions compared to other traditional materials such as acrylic or metal.


Examples of polyamide efficiency in practice.

The polyamide no longer has to prove itself, a number of dental prosthetists having already noted its profits.

Among them, Ms. Dupont, who opted for a polyamide prosthesis after suffering from an allergy to nickel.

It will undoubtedly attest to the significant improvement of its comfort on a daily basis, thanks to the lightness and well-being that a perfect adjustment and the polyamide material ensures.


How to use polyamide in dental prosthesis.

Using polyamide in dental prosthesis does not differ across the use of other materials.

However, it is preferable to respect certain precautions to obtain an optimal performance.


Preparation of polyamide for optimal use.

Polyamide often comes in the form of granules, which must be melted before the prosthesis.

The preparation requires great attention and rigorous respect for the instructions to guarantee the best possible quality of the prosthesis.


The process of creating dental prosthesis in polyamide.

The creation of a polyamide prosthesis is similar to that of an acrylic or metal prosthesis.

The melted granules are injected into an imprint and then sent to a specialized machine which applies precise pressure and temperature to form the prosthesis.


Polyamide in dental prosthesis: an asset for dental prosthetists!

Innovation does not only reside in the adoption of new technologies but also in that of new materials.

Polyamide in dental prosthesis offers many opportunities that only ask to be exploited by professionals in the field.

Comfort, sustainability and patient satisfaction could thus be greatly improved.

It would therefore not be surprising to see the polyamide model the future of dental prostheses.



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