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What is the PEEK exactly?

What is the PEEK exactly?


The PEEK resin (polyetherercetone) is a high -performance thermoplastic polymer popular in many industrial sectors for its exceptional properties.

It belongs to the family of polyarylétoncetones (PAEK), known for its thermal robustness, chemical resistance and mechanical stability.

Here is an overview of the characteristics, manufacturing, applications and advantages of Peek resin.


Features: High thermal resistance: PEEK can operate at temperatures up to 250 ° C (482 ° F) continuously, and can support even higher temperature peaks.

Chemical resistance: It resists a wide range of chemicals, which makes it ideal for corrosive environments.

Mechanical properties: offers excellent resistance to traction and fatigue, as well as good resilience.

Biocompatibility: Certain grades of PEEK are compatible with medical applications, resistant to sterilization processes without degradation.

Manufacturing: PEEK resin is generally produced by polymerization by step of difluorobenzophenone and bisphenol monomers.

The manufacturing process must be carefully controlled to obtain a high purity and high molecular weight polymer.



Aerospace and automotive: Used for components subjected to high temperatures and requiring high mechanical resistance.

Medical : For implants, surgical instruments and components of medical devices because of its biocompatibility and its resistance to sterilization.

PEEK Medical is also used for dental prosthetic achievements or bone replacements.



Electronic: In connectors, component supports and insulators thanks to its thermal and electric resistance.

Oil and gas industry: For parts resistant to chemicals and capable of supporting extreme conditions.

Sustainability: Its high resistance to heat, chemicals and wear and wear ensures a long service life under difficult conditions.

Savings: Although the initial cost of the real medical PEEK is high, its longevity can offer long -term savings by reducing replacement needs.

Versatility: Can be transformed by conventional methods of injection, machining or compression, allowing great freedom of design.

PEEK is a leading engineering material that meets the requirements of the most demanding applications thanks to its unique combination of properties.

Its adoption continues to grow as new applications are discovered and that transformation technologies are changing.

Although its cost may be an obstacle for certain applications, the advantages it offers in terms of performance and sustainability often justify investment.




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