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Why should you use a decantation tray?

Why should you use a decantation tray?

A decantation tray is equipment used in the field of water and wastewater treatment.

Its main role is to separate the solid particles suspended from the water by letting them deposit at the bottom of the tank.

The water thus clarified flows from above to be treated more or rejected in the environment.

The functioning of a decantation bac is based on the principle of decantation.

This natural process of separation of solid and liquid particles due to their difference in density makes decantation.

When water containing suspended particles enters the decantation, it slows down its speed and allows heavier solid particles to deposit at the bottom of the tank.

This purse can be accelerated by adding coagulant or floculating chemicals to agglomerate particles and facilitate their decantation.

Decantation bins are widely used in drinking water treatment stations, the factories of Wastewater, industrial installations and other applications where water is necessary to clarify before its use or rejection.

They can be of different sizes and shapes according to the specific needs of each installation.

A decantation bac is essential in a dental laboratory To avoid clogging private or public pipes and saving a lot of money in the event of a problem of blocking flows.

In summary, a decantation bac is a Essential equipment in the field of water treatment To separate the solid particles suspended from the water and obtain clarified and clean water.

Its operation is based on the principle of decantation and it is widely used in various applications to ensure the quality of the treated water.

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