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How to change a settra decantation tank bag


How to clean your decantation tray?


Very simply, if you choose our decantation In polypropylene with plastic bags, you will take less than 5 minutes to change the bag and restart a new filtration cycle, the full bag is simply closed and place in the trash.

Never install your tank near an electrical source Or take, risk of electrocution in cleaning handling.

This change of bag is valid on Decantation tray 14 liters Or 19 liter settling baccalaureate.



1 - Disconnect the evacuation outlet At the network of wastewater, screw the yellow cap, disconnect the arrival of the sink, take out the decantation tank from below the sink, open the metal circle to remove the lid, remove the central cross, close the bag then the Take out and throw it back, put a new bag, replace the central cross.


2 - Especially Do not forget to make a hole on the cross In the bag at the evacuation with a scalpel.


3 - Fall down the plastic from the bag to the evacuation hole, replace the tank under the sink, reconnect the sink, remove the yellow cap and reveal the evacuation, be careful to put the right back Circular closure key, It's finish !



Your decanation tank has left for a long filtration cycle.









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