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Cross Linked 2 teeth 2 anterior low - shape i5 vita shades of your choice
Cross Linked 2 teeth 2 anterior low - shape i5 vita shades of your choice

Cross Linked 2 teeth 2 anterior low - shape i5 vita shades of your choice

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Anterior Linked Cross Linked Teeth - I5 shape.

THE Cross Linked 2 teeth are teeth in reticated poly-methacrylate for adjoining prostheses.

High quality raw materials and an adequate teeth process providing the color and chromatic stability of the tooth.

High resistance to abrasion and solvents for a solid fixation of the teeth on the Dental basic resin.

  • Cross Linked 2 teeth are available in 18 different forms and divided into 3 groups.
  • Available forms (oval, square, triangular), 7 different forms of the lower anterior section and 6 different forms of the posterior section.
  • The Linked 2 cross teeth naturally integrate into partial and total prostheses.
  • For better membership in the basic resin of prostheses and before polymerization, to deflect the heel of the teeth.
  • Then moisten the teeth and the saddle with Acrylate monomer MMA MMA The help of a brush.

Do not use the product in case of allergies or known hypersensitivity (s) to materials based on acrylic and metacrylates.

Due to the lack of information on the security of exposure to PMMA in pregnant women, it is recommended to avoid using this device in this population.

Anterior Linked Cross Linked teeth, ideal for resin or stellite prosthesis.

  • High quality manufacturing.
  • Linked II cross teeth - low anterior.
  • Teeth for definitive prostheses.
  • Multilayer montage.
  • I5 shape, 6 teeth brochure.



Cross Linked 2 teeth - 1 Bottom Form Plate i5 - Choice of shade.




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