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BK 81 Blue/Red Articulate Paper 40 µ - Bausch
BK 81 Blue/Red Articulate Paper 40 µ - Bausch

BK 81 Blue/Red Articulate Paper 40 µ - Bausch

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Référence: 2007

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Bausch micro-fins 40µ occlusion papers are ultra-fine papers, resistant to tear.

  • Covered on both sides of liquid inks.
  • Extremely precise transfer thanks to their low material thickness.
  • Missing contacts or false contacts are thus avoided.


The particular coating of the BK81 Bausch Bausch paper allows clear marking of all contacts.

  • The wet surfaces wet and difficult to control, such as gold, ceramics, polished metal surfaces or composites, do not pose any problem.
  • The particular coating, colored with liquid colors, consists of many small microcapsules filled with color.


Even with slight chewing pressure, these capsules burst and release the clearly visible color.

  • A marking several times is possible since the color regenerates.
  • Bausch micro-ends occlusion papers are particularly suitable for the representation of static and dynamic occlusion in two colors.
  • During the first step, you check the static occlusion in red and during the second step the dynamic occlusion in blue.


Bausch micro-fins 40μm occlusion papers are also available in horse-shaped form.

  • Pre -cut paper is easy to apply without tweezers or oral fork.
  • All horseshoe -shaped papers are provided in distributors.
  • Mark the contacts of the teeth of the whole dental arch with a single paper.
  • Very useful contact set for complete prostheses or for adjusting occlusal gutters.


Delivery: BK81 Roge and Blue Arcade Form BK81 - 150 leaves.



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