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IPS E -Max Cad Cerec HT - B40L - 3 pieces
IPS E -Max Cad Cerec HT - B40L - 3 pieces

IPS E -Max Cad Cerec HT - B40L - 3 pieces

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IPS E -Max Cerec Cad/Inlab HT Format B40L blocks - 3 -room tube.

IPS E.MAX CAD is the best -selling ceramic in the world indicated for the manufacture of anatomical restorations.

  • Known for its wide choice of indications and versatility.
  • High resistance of 530 MPa.
  • Solid and resistant material.


IPS E.MAX CAD presents resistance to the propagation of cracks of 2.11 MPa.

This combination of high mechanical values ​​is highly sought after in mini-invasive dentistry.

Maximum versatility for use for:

  • Wreaths
  • Inlays
  • Onlays, tops table, partial crowns
  • Facets
  • Bridges three elements until the second premolar as a final pillar
  • Implant-ported hybrid restorations (anatomical implant pillars, crowns transvered directly to implants).


    The four transluid degrees of the E-max CAD CEREC/INLAB combined with A-D, BLEACH and IMPULSE shades, provide excellent aesthetic results.

    • Available in a wide variety of sizes, colors and levels of transluid.
    • Excellent correspondence of colors thanks to a full range of colors.
    • Translute levels offer optimal aesthetics.


    There is a block adapted to each work:

    • IPS E.max CAD HT (High translussity) - for the least invasive restorations.
    • Ips e.max cad mt (Average translucent) - dedicated to light restorations.
    • Ips e.max cad lt (Low translucent) - versatile block.
    • Ips e.max cad mo (Average opacity) - Classic block for stratifications.
    • Ips e.max cad i (Impulse) - Opalescent block.


    Delivery: IPS E-Max CEREC INLAB HT B40L format -3 -room box.




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