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CAD/CAM technology in dental prosthesis

CAD/CAM technology in dental prosthesis


CAD/CAM technology in dental prosthesis.

The technological evolution in the dental field creates a considerable positive impact on the quality of care.

One of the most significant changes in the dental industry is the adoption of CAD/CAM technology in prosthetic dentistry.

But, what is CAD/CAM technology? How does it work? What are its advantages for dental prosthetists and patients?

This is what we will discover over this article.


Understand the CAD/CAM: Definition and operation.

The terms CAD and CAM are acronyms respectively designating computer assisted design (CAD) and computer -assisted manufacturing (FAO).

Concretely, CAD/CAM technology in prosthetic dentistry implies the use of dedicated software and cutting-edge machine tools for the design and production of tailor-made dental prostheses.

The process begins with the CAD. The prosthetist captures a precise digital image of the patient's mouth using an intraoral scanner.

These images are then converted into a 3D digital model using specialized software.

The prosthetist can then design the dental prosthesis on the computer with great precision.

Once the design is finished, the digital model is sent to a CAM device, which will sculpt the prosthesis in a material block, generally ceramic or another special resin.


The multiple advantages of the use of CAD/CAM technology in dental prosthesis.

The first and main advantage of CAD/CAM technology lies in its precision.

Indeed, the digitization and 3D design make it possible to perfectly adjust the prosthesis in the patient's mouth, thus reducing the risks of anomalies and discomfort.

CAD/CAM technology offers a real time saving.

The traditional process of imprint, mold creation and prosthesis making can take several days, or even weeks.

With CAD/CAM technology, a prosthesis can be made in a single visit to the prosthetist.

Computer -assisted manufacturing also minimizes waste of materials, which results in a reduction in production costs.

This is not only affected by the overall cost of treatment for patients, but also contributes to more sustainable and ecological prosthetic practices.


The practice of dental prosthetists reinvented by CAD/CAM technology.

With a digital working method, dental prosthetists were able to deeply review their approach to the design and manufacture of prostheses.

For example, in the process of manufacturing dental crowns, the scan of the initial tooth is done with impressive precision, creating an exact replica in a short time.

This technology is not only limited to the making of crowns.

Dental prosthetists can also use CAD/CAM technology to create implants, bridges, facets and other types of fixed prostheses.

Thus, CAD/CAM technology opens a new world of possibilities and opportunities in the practice of dental prosthetists.


Take a step towards the future with CAD/CAM technology in dental prosthesis.

In conclusion, the adoption of CAD/CAM technology in prosthetic dentistry is a giant step towards the future.

This revolutionary technology offers unprecedented precision, accelerates the production process, reduces costs and improves the overall effectiveness of prosthetic care.

Thus, for oral health professionals, the future is clearly at hand with CAD/CAM technology.

For those who still hesitate to adopt this technology, it is time to become aware of the potential it offers to provide superior dental care.

In the end, CAD/CAM technology is more than a simple technological revolution; It is the key to a better future in the field of prosthetic dentistry.




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