Fornax T Bego electronic slingshot
Fornax T Bego electronic slingshot
Fornax T Bego electronic slingshot
Fornax T Bego electronic slingshot
Fornax T Bego electronic slingshot
Fornax T Bego electronic slingshot

Fornax T Bego electronic slingshot

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Fornax T compact electronic slingshot - Bego!

from €222.76 / over 60 months.

Compact workbench slingshot, very powerful induction heating, short melting cycles to minimize oxidation.

  • Fornax T is ideal for both precious alloys and model casting.

  • Equipped with 2 adjustable centrifugation speeds, this device guarantees optimal flow for each casting.

  • Compact bench slingshot with very powerful induction heating allowing short melting cycles , minimizing oxidation and reducing subsequent finishing work.

  • User-friendly control panel providing information on all parameters and allowing quick and easy access to all important functions.

  • High-performance integrated cooling allowing more than 50 consecutive pours with phosphate-bonded coated cylinders, even at high ambient temperatures.

  • Integrated adjustable infrared sensor for safe, gentle melting of all common precious and non-precious alloys (except titanium) at a casting temperature of up to 1,550 °C.

  • Large power reserve for a power consumption of only 16 amps.

  • Very quick adjustment to different sizes of casting cylinders thanks to a simple mechanism, which allows you to work quickly even with cylinders of different sizes.

  • Very small footprint thanks to the dimensions and compact construction of the new Fornax®T.


Features :

  • Electronic slingshot with a very small footprint. Single cylinder adjustment.

  • Integrated cooling allowing 50 consecutive pours.

  • Significant power reserve for a consumption of 16 A.

  • Casting temperature up to 1550°C (except titanium).

  • User-friendly control panel.

  • Very quick cylinder adjustment using a rack system.

Technical data >
Height 455mm
Height – lid open 910mm
Width 710 mm with lever
Depth 615mm
Depth – lid open 675mm
Nominal voltage 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Special voltages on request 200 – 240 VAC, 50/60 HZ
Absorbed power approx. 16A
Induction melting power 3.6kVA, 65kHz.
Weight 80 kg


1 Bego Fornax T electronic slingshot .

Financing: 1 RIB + 1 CNI copy + Siret number, that’s all!
12 months 24 months 36 months 48 months 60 months
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