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Impulse incisal edge e.max for zirconic reinforcement
Impulse incisal edge e.max for zirconic reinforcement

Impulse incisal edge e.max for zirconic reinforcement

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Impulse incisal edge, E.max ceramic, stratification material for zirconia support - 20 gr.

  • Masses to reproduce the areas in their smallest detail, especially in the third -party incisive.
  • Low fusion stratification ceramics (750 ºC) based on nanofluorapatitis.
  • For reinforcement in lithium and zirconium oxide.

Nanometric sizes of apatite crystals make it possible to obtain a unique combination of translucidity, shine and opalescence.


    E.max, the dentine, incisal, impulse masses are ideally adapted to the more opaque ceramic reinforcements.

    • Are perfectly suitable for the stratification of more opaque structures.
    • Balanced brightness and saturation.
    • Optimal correspondence of A-D shades.

    The E.max Dentin, Incisal Impulse masses are available in the A-D, Chromascop and Bleach shades.

    • For greater brightness, the E.MAX Ceram Power dentin and Power incisal masses are available in A-D and Bleach shades.
    • Multiple expressive characterizations can be carried out with the IPS IVOCOLOR system, petrol masses, shade pasta and ips e.max ceram decks.


    E.max ceramics, stratification of lithium disilical structures, zirconium oxide and laminate facets.

    • With E.max, make all the fixed prostheses, film facets, long -range bridges.
    • Hybrid restorations are also possible.
    • IPS E.MAX is a high quality complete ceramic system.
    • Covers all indications and meets all aesthetic requirements.

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