IPS E-max Cad Cerec Inlab Implant MO A14 (S)
IPS E-max Cad Cerec Inlab Implant MO A14 (S)

IPS E-max Cad Cerec Inlab Implant MO A14 (S)

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IPS e.max CAD is the best-selling glass ceramic in the world [1] . It is indicated for the efficient fabrication of anatomical restorations and is known for its wide choice of indications, its versatility regarding the techniques implemented and its high strength of 530 MPa

A solid and resistant material

Over 10 years of continuous quality testing shows that IPS e.max CAD provides a biaxial flexural strength of 530 MPa [2] . In addition, it has a crack propagation resistance of 2.11 MPa m 1/2[3] . This combination of high mechanical values ​​is particularly sought after in minimally invasive dentistry.

Maximum versatility
  • Crowns
  • Inlays
  • Onlays, table tops, partial crowns
  • Facets
  • Three-unit bridges up to the second premolar as a final abutment
  • Implant-supported hybrid restorations (anatomical implant abutments, crowns screwed directly onto implants)

The four degrees of translucency, combined with the AD, Bleach and Impulse shades, ensure excellent aesthetic results.

IPS e.max CAD blocks are available in a wide variety of sizes, tints and translucency levels*. This increases your flexibility, since you always have a suitable block in the desired shade at your disposal. Excellent shade matching through a full range of shades and translucency levels provides optimal aesthetics.

There is a block adapted to each patient:

  • IPS e.max CAD HT (High Translucency) - the block for the least invasive restorations
  • IPS e.max CAD MT (Medium Translucency) - the block dedicated to particularly bright restorations
  • IPS e.max CAD LT (Low Translucency) - the versatile block
  • IPS e.max CAD MO (Medium Opacity) - the classic block for layered restorations
  • IPS e.max CAD I (Impulse) - the opalescent block.

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