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Plus composite gradia incisal GC
Plus composite gradia incisal GC

Plus composite gradia incisal GC

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Référence: H44201

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Incisal Gradia Plus, a new standard in terms of mixing and stratification of colors for a natural appearance.

Composite based on latest ceramic-polymer technology.


Gradia Plus, advanced, very resistant, nano-hybrid photopolymerization composite.

  • Great shine, transparency, chroma and natural opalescence.
  • Aesthetics similar to ceramic in the mouth.


Less standard shades, Gradia Plus uses a more individual mixing and stratification approach.

  • More compact and more affordable density.
  • Use by classic or multi -cheese stratification.


Use composite Gradia Plus GC:

  • Inlays, onlay
  • Facets
  • Metal -free crowns.
  • Crowns and bridges on reinforcement.
  • Implant superstructures.


Two paste viscosities, Heavy Body and Light Body, adapted to different areas of application.

  • For the production of crowns and bridges with high aesthetic requirement.
  • Stratification technique with an almost unlimited color combinations.
  • Fast and easy monolithic restorations.


Paint chandelier colors provide a simple way to add color with a sustainable brilliant effect and great resistance to use:

  • Gradia Plus paint chandelier can be used for internal and external coloring.
  • Easily mixing colors, suitable consistency with the paint chandelier liquid.
  • Simple and quick polishing.


Delivery: Gradia Plus incisal Heavy Body GC - 1 syringe 3.3 ml to choose from.


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